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Diamond Information : What Are Champagne Diamonds?

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Champagne diamonds are basically the same as yellow diamonds with a bit more brown tone to them. Find out how colored diamonds form in nature with information from a successful jeweler in this free video on diamonds.
Expert: A. Scott Rhodes
Bio: Upon graduation from NC State University in Read more

$Million Jade Valuation Antiques Roadshow

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From the 2010 season premiere of the U.S. Antiques Roadshow, on PBS. It is the highest appraisal value ever given on the show. This 18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from the 18th century Qing Dynasty was acquired between the late 1930’s and through the 1940s, by her father while Read more

About Zirconium

Reactor-grade zirconium is essentially free of hafnium. Zircaloy is an important alloy developed specifically for nuclear applications. Zirconium is exceptionally resistant to corrosion by many common acids and alkalis, by sea water, and by other agents. Alloyed with zinc, zirconium becomes magnetic at temperatures below 350K.
It is used extensively Read more

About Zircon

Gemstone which ranges in colour through yellow, red and orange to green.
Colourless, golden-brown and sky-blue versions are produced by heat treatment.
Most of the mineral suitable for gemstones comes from the Far East and Sri Lanka. Yellow and brown shades of zircon were often termed hyacinth, and transparent or colourless Read more

What Gemstones Can I Place Beside My Computer?

More common gemstone or crystals used and are helpful around computers are Lapiz lazuli, Moonstone, Sodalite, Pink and Black Tourmaline, Kunzite, Emerald, Rose Quarts Aquamarine and Himalayan Salt Crystals.
It is a realization that most individuals spend a lot of time indoors.
With the onset Read more

So Many Shapes, So Little Time

The following are diamond shapes: marquise, oval, heart, pear, asscher, emerald, princess, cushion, trillion, radiant, baguette, old miner, european and fancy.

There are many different considerations for you to take into account when you look into diamonds, and one of the most important of these considerations is the diamond’s shape. Many people Read more

Old European and Milner Cut Diamond

The european cut, or old european cut has hand faceting features and an open culet.
Where the Old Miner Cut was an antecedent of the modern round brilliant, the Old European Cut was the direct forefather to the modern round brilliant. It was the Old European Cut that was studied Read more