Diamond Grading Scale

DEF colourless
GHIJ near colourless
KLMfaint yellow
NOPQR very light yellow
STUVWX light yellow
YZ fancy yellow
FL flawless
VVS1 very, very slight inclusions
VVS2 very, very slight inclusions
VS1 very slight inclusions
VS2 very slight inclusions
SI1slight inclusions
SI2 slight inclusions
P1 or I1     inclusions
P2 or I2     inclusions
P3 or I3     inclusions
Diamond Grading Terminology
A diamond’s cost is based on the characteristics known Read more

Diamond Certificates

Loose Diamonds and Certificates
What are GIA Certified Diamonds and AGS Certified Diamonds? Loose diamonds (not pre-set in a ring or other setting) that have been certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society).
A certificate is a “blueprint” of a diamond, it tells you the diamond’s Read more

Choosing Pearls

Recently, the range of pearls has grown to the point that there is almost any size, shape, or colour to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. So in the face of such choice, which type should you go for?
China holds the monopoly on exporting freshwater pearls after investing Read more

Looking after Jewellery & Gemstones

Because we wear jewellery as we move around, it is at a great risk from accidental damage or loss unless special care is taken.
Fragile gemstones or crystal beads shatter if hit against a hard surface. A soft, 18 carat gold ring wears paper-thin if it is worn constantly, especially Read more

Blue Diamonds – The Very Highest Quality Diamonds

Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive. Blue is one of the rarest and most desirable colours. The Hope diamond, which can be viewed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. is the most famous blue diamond in the world and the largest at 45.52 carats.
The attempted Read more


The Ammonites name comes from the shell’s resemblance to a coiled rams horn (the ram being the symbol of the Egyptian god Ammon). Like the extinct belemmites and the living nautiloids, octopuses, squid and cuttlefish, they belonged to the mollusc group known as the cephalopods. This name comes from Read more


Ametrine is not treated in any way.
Ametrine comes in bands of yellow and purple. The colors only reach a medium level of saturation and are never very dark. Ametrine typically exhibits an abrupt color transition.   As for color,  The two colors don’t offer choices, cut is all that counts.
Ametrine is Read more

Amethyst Gemstones

Gemstones Properties
Amethyst is well known as “Stone of Mind”. It assists to convey serenity and simplicity, especially when there is unease and misunderstanding. Wearing such kind of gemstone can easily get in touch with your perception. It also helps to eliminate several kinds of addictions in food, alcohol, and Read more

Amber Gemstones

Gemstone Information
These gemstones soothe nervousness, stress, and frustration. It also lessens despair and boost up intelligibility of mind. This is considered a high-quality gemstone for somebody who is brokenhearted and depressed but needs to have significant decisions.
Moreover, Amber is an efficient and defensive stone. It is also a useful Read more

Agate gemstones

Agate Gemstones
Gemstone Information
These gemstones belong to the Chalcedony family and appear in an extensive range of colors and are often multicolored and stripy. Agate cultivates wealth, prosperity, good fortune, durability, recognition, valor, fortification, stability, harmony, liberality, strength, security and gratitude in nature.
Stones are also considered power stone. They are Read more