Precious Metals

Silver Care

Contrary to popular belief, silver doesn’t tarnish especially rapidly unless items are left in an atmosphere where sulphur is present.
General tips

To clean your silver there are a number of safe silver polishes on the market which can be used with a soft cloth.
Always make sure that you remove all Read more

Care and Conservation of Pewter

How you care for your pewter depends on the appearance you wish to achieve and maintain. In daily use, pewter was kept bright and polished and some collectors prefer this appearance. Pewter does not tarnish like silver, so a periodic clean with an all-purpose metal (not silver) polish will Read more

Repairing and Cleaning Pewter

The illustration shows (above) – 4 wooden rim straighteners (gill, 1/2 pint, quart) 6-8 inches long each of them, 2 rubber or composition hammers, fabric to hammer against between hammer and pewter piece – actually a scrap of brown table protector – pair of pliers with some Read more

Caring for Antiques – Looking after Metal

Individual metals react at different rates and in different ways to natural conditions, and their care, handling and restoration varies accordingly.
Despite their apparent toughness, metals can be scratched, dented or fractured, or may corrode. If metals are combined with other materials, as in jewellery or furniture, care must be Read more

The Correct Way to Polish Silver

There are a number of methods for removing tarnish from sterling silver. Remember do not do any harm.
A valuable antique can be reduced to a worthless piece of slag. Countless people over the centuries have destroyed works of art by rough polishing. In fact, the word polishing should be Read more