Restoration & Care

Tips to Avoid Antique Damage

Here’s what you need to know to avoid damaging your antiques.

1. Effects of Relative Humidity
Today’s central heating wreaks havoc on antiques by the fluctuations in relative humidity. Wood responds to relative humidity by expanding and contracting to maintain a balance with its environment. It’s not the rapid changes during Read more

Tips for storing a classic car

Preparation and correct procedure will avoid many a probem when you take the car back out of storage.
Storing your car over the winter period needs careful consideration.  A car should be stored in a dry, condensation-free garage.

Ensure that the boot is clean and dry, The boot seal is rarely Read more

The Correct Way to Polish Silver

There are a number of methods for removing tarnish from sterling silver. Remember do not do any harm.
A valuable antique can be reduced to a worthless piece of slag. Countless people over the centuries have destroyed works of art by rough polishing. In fact, the word polishing should be Read more

Methods to Avoid When Cleaning Silver

Wheel Polishing
This is best to be avoided as it can render a piece less valuable. Even some professionals can overuse the wheel and result in the loss of valuable information on the surface.In cases of extreme tarnish and/or corrosion, it may be necessary to take the item to a Read more

Liquid Sandpaper

Renovations of furniture and paintwork.
Liquid sandpaper is a chemical solution that removes the thin top layers of the surface of a glossy painted item. It roughens the glossy surface, making it easier to be repainted without having to be sanded down. Otherwise, the next coat of paint may not Read more

How to Look After Your Treasured Timepieces

Clock care

carefully dust and wax wooden cases

never attempt to clean brass or silvered dials

ask an expert to oil and clean the clock’s mechanism

hold clocks upright if you’re moving them from one room to another

secure or remove the pendulum before a long journey

The protective measures for antique clocks are no Read more

How Not to Store Your Stamp Collection

How many stamps are incorrectly stored?
Damp, environment, improper storage, even cigarette smoke must cost collectors literally millions of pounds annually on a national/global basis. It is extraordinary how many collectors advise that their stamps are in perfect order and how many are not.
Take a good look at your collection. Read more

Cleaning Antique Paintings

“Restoration” of paintings is a subject surrounded with considerable mystery. It is true that in the hands of an experienced restorer and with modern facilities, some remarkable jobs of restoration have been done, and if the painting warrants, it is a good idea to get the best talent to Read more

Looking After Your Antiques

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience in the salerooms, Michael Hogben advises you to:

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience in the salerooms, Michael Hogben advises you to:Always know your product.
Study the item and look for obvious signs of ageing.
Some general tips to follow are:
Never store your valuables Read more