China, Pottery & Porcelain

The Meissen Augustus Rex Mark (AR)

The augustus rex mark or monogram (AR) was introduced by Meissen in the first half of the 18th century when the crossed swords were introduced.
The AR monogram was a special mark reserved for objects used by the court of Elector August the Strong, founder of the Meissen factory and Read more

The Life of Clarice Cliff

In 1930, when Clarice Cliff became Art Director of Newport Pottery, she achieved the distinction of being the first woman to reach such a high echelon in the Potteries. She was, in effect, what we would nowadays call a career woman but at the time when she was made Read more

The Best of British – Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgwood the genius and innovative potter invented creamware in c1770. Wedgwood was influenced and worked with the other great potters of his time such as Thomas Whieldon and John Greatbach who were all based in the worlds hub of ceramics in Staffordshire.
Josiah Wedgwood was a prolific inventor in Read more


A skyphos is a a two-handled deep wine-cup on a low flanged base or none. The handles may be horizontal ear-shaped thumbholds that project from the rim or they may be loop handles at the rim or that stand away from the lower part of the body.
Over a long Read more

Real Wedgwood and Marks

Is it real Wedgwood?
The Wedgwood Collector is faced with many imitators and unscrupulous rival manufacturers who either traded on a relationship to the Wedgwood family by marking their wares so that the uninformed might buy them thinking that they were getting Wedgwood quality or left their products unmarked so Read more

Ralph Wood Ware, Wood & Caldwell Ware, Enoch Wood Ware

The Wood Family
The Wood family a major force in the development of Staffordshire wares from peasant pottery to an organized industry, they were a celebrated family of potters.

Ralph Wood 1715-72 “the miller of Burslem”
Aaron Wood 1717-85 (Ralph’s brother)
Ralph Wood Jr. 1748-95 (Aaron’s son) through his mother he was related Read more

Porcelain or China?

The terms porcelain and china are interchangeable. Generally speaking, china is used in reference to dinnerware. Porcelain or china is a type of pottery.
It was invented in China about 200 CE and is the most complex type of pottery to manufacture. Porcelain is smooth, vitreous (nonporous), thin-walled, and translucent.
The Read more

Mud Man Figures of China

1000 years ago, Chinese artisans of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), were creating miniature landscapes in a tray, the practice was known as Pen’Jing, or Chinese Landscape bonsai.
In an effort to capture the realism of a favourite scenic view, such as a countryside or mountain region, rocks and small Read more