China, Pottery & Porcelain

George Buttle 1867 – 1925

Trained at Wedgwood as an apprentice for seven years. Worked for Doulton and Bernard Moore. Art Director at Bishop & Stonier Ltd of Hanley (1891-1939) and at Keeling & Co Ltd of Burslem (1886-1936). Committee member of the (Stoke-on-Trent) Ceramic Society Art Section.
Known to have designed Gray’s Sports China Read more

Bishop & Stonier

Manufacturers of porcelain and earthenwares at Hanley.
c. 1891-1939
China and Earthenware manufacturer at the Stafford Street Works and the Church Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
Formerly: Powell, Bishop & Stonier [1878-1891]

Stafford Street, Hanley
1893 trade journal entry on Bishop & Stonier

Bishop and Stonier Partnership
1851 – 1866    Livesley Powell & Co.       Old Hall Lane Read more

E. J. Birch & Co

Manufacturer of Wedgwood-type earthenwares, basalt body, etc. at Shelton.
c. 1796-1814
Impressed name or initial marks (the initial ‘J’ is nearly always given as ‘I’ in 18th and early 19th century marks.
Somewhat rarely found today.

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Bevington & Co

Location and period of operation:
Samuel Bevington (& Son)


He established the Swan Works in Elm Street (now Ratton Street) as a Parian works.
The “& Son” was his son John Bevington who joined the business as a partner of the Elm Street Works c.1856 – he also carried on the works Read more

Willaim Fairbairns

Fairbairns, William is associated with three partnerships that are all located in Hanley, Staffordshire:
Mark: WM. Fairbairns, A printed gartertype mark with crown above occurs with the name ‘WM. Fairbairns’
Thomas Cooper, Shelton (Hanley) 1863-65.
Upon Thomas Coopers death, William Fairbairns, Edwin Clarke, John Higginbottom, and John Cartlidge were the executors and Read more

Bathwell & Goodfellow

Manufacturers of decorative earthenware at Burslem and Tunstall
NOTE: This firm is sometimes referred to as BOTHWELL & GOODFELLOW (in error)
c. 1818-1823

The three pottery businesses of Thomas Goodfellow I & II are seldom mentioned except as reference. Most likely because little has ever been known or printed about these Read more

W Baker & Co (Ltd)

Baker and Co Ltd
of The Fenton Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Telephone: Hanley 48114. Cables: “Granite, Stoke-on-Trent”.
Established 1790
Ralph Bourne and William Baker were working by the end of the century.
By the late 1820’s Bourne and Baker, in partnership with John Bourne, had acquired an additional works opposite the first.
The business included a flint mill by 1829.
1833 Read more

Baggerley and Ball

Manufacturer of earthenwares, At St James’ Place, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.
Printed marks incorporating these initials. c. 1822-36
More information needed.

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The Staffordshire Potteries’ Directory for 1868

comparing prices from then  to today (2010) …..

total exports for the first six months of:
1865 – £680,112
worth in 2010 – £64,000,000
1866 – £805,954
worth in 2010 – £76,000,000
1867 – £827,834
worth in 2010 – £78,000,000
1867 half year (Jan to June) export markets

Hanse Towns – £25,371
worth in 2010 – £2,400,000
France – £24,480
worth Read more

Black Basalt Ware

Black basalt ware is also called Egyptian Black basalt. This hard black stoneware was created and perfected by Josiah Wedgwood at his Etruria pottery in Staffordshire, England around the end of the 18th century. The stoneware was named after the volcanic mineral, basalt, and was used to create vases, Read more