Oriental Chinaware

Sunken Chinese Treasures

Some astounding finds made in the seas off Southeast Asia. In the space of just a few years German explorer Tilman Walterfang recovered long lost treasures from three different wrecks.
It all started eight years ago when concrete company director, Walterfang became fascinated by an Indonesian employee’s account of sunken Read more

Mud Man Figures of China

1000 years ago, Chinese artisans of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), were creating miniature landscapes in a tray, the practice was known as Pen’Jing, or Chinese Landscape bonsai.
In an effort to capture the realism of a favourite scenic view, such as a countryside or mountain region, rocks and small Read more

Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 Champion Case

18th century Chinese Imperial gilt bronze and cloisonné vase, crafted in the Forbidden City in the style of Ming, but more than a century after the dynasty ended sells for record £228,000 at auction.
Scholars have two theories about the object, which is variously known as a ‘He Jingbei’ Read more

Early Chinese Porcelain

A certain amount of Porcelain was produced in the Yuan dynasty (1280-1368) decorated in underglaze blue. It was sometime, however, before the highly fashionable Celadon wares were overtaken by the these crisply decorated porcelains, which were initially seen as rather vulgar.
In 1368 the Mongol Yuan dynasty was overcome and Read more

Chinese Tricolor Glazed Pottery

Tang San Cai, also called Tricolor Glazed Pottery and a gem of ancient Chinese art, is a kind of handmade glazed ware of exquisite craftsmanship created in the Northern and Southern Dynasty (386-589) about 1,400 years ago. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the production of Tang San Cai reached Read more

A Quick Guide to Chinese Pottery and Porcelain

Mention Chinese ceramics and many people think of priceless Ming and assume this collecting area is beyong their reach. In fact, because pottery and porcelain have been produced in China longer than anywhere else, it’s not hard to find pieces that are decorative and inexpensive.
The Chinese discovered the art Read more

China Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty was probably the key period for the development of Chinese ceramics. Not only did green and gray ware advance to a new level of sophistication, so did the development of low temperature lead glazes revolutionize the whole family of Chinese ceramics and decorative glazes for all Read more


Celadon, a famous type of ancient Chinese stoneware, came into being during the period of the Five Dynasties (907-960). It is characterized by simple but refined shapes, jade-like glaze, solid substance and a distinctive style. As the celadon ware produced in Longquan County. Zhejiang Province, is most valued, so Read more

Tang Sancai Coloured Glazed Pottery

When a railway was under construction in 1899, many pieces of exquisite pottery were unearthed from tombs of the Tang Dynasty near Luoyang, Henan Province. The pieces of pottery were in yellow, green and white colours or in yellow, green and brown colours. Since they were unearthed from tombs Read more