Oriental Antiques

$Million Jade Valuation Antiques Roadshow

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From the 2010 season premiere of the U.S. Antiques Roadshow, on PBS. It is the highest appraisal value ever given on the show. This 18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from the 18th century Qing Dynasty was acquired between the late 1930’s and through the 1940s, by her father while Read more

Flowers and what they symbolize in Oriental Antiques

1. The Prunus is the flower of the first Month. It represents winter and symbolizes beauty.
2. Peach Blossom – second Month, charm against evil.
3. The Tree Peony – 3rd Month, represents spring and symbolizes health, riches, honor, love and affection, feminine beauty, and prosperity.
4. Cherry Blossom – 4th Month, Read more