The Orient

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was one of the richest and most opulent periods of all Chinese history. Every aspect of art was flourishing. Painting, pottery, calligraphy, sculpture, music, dance and literature all, equally, were receiving great attention. Not only were art and artisans appreciated, so were the works of art Read more

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

During the long years of this dynasty many treasures were stolen or destroyed and today China wants them back. Therefore this is inflating the price of artefacts being auctioned or sold privately.
For example only lately (19th October 2010) China has renewed a call for the return of relics looted Read more

Jade Dynasties

Warring states period dynasty – (475BC – 221BC)
At this time five major ‘states’ were struggling for power. Fine workmanship produced high quality decorative crafts at this time including Jade, which was the highest form of money and wealth. Confucius emerged during this time.
Han dynasty – (206BC – 220AD)
This was Read more