QuickFacts :: Paperweights

The most sought-after paperweights were made by famous French factories such as Baccarat, Clichy and St Louis during the mid-19th century. Patterns were built up from tiny slices of differently coloured rods, set in a mould and covered in clear glass.
Millefiori (from the Italian for a thousand flowers) paperweights Read more

About Paperweights

In the 19th century, educated ladies and gentlemen sat at their desks writing letters and making entries in their diaries. Of course, this opened up a market for manufacturers to produce desk accessories including paperweights. Made by master craftsmen, they are objects of supreme beauty. Is it any wonder Read more

Modern Paperweights

After about 1860, the era of fine paperweight making was over. It wasn’t until 1950 that they came back into vogue and production began again in earnest in factories in many different countries. Caithness Glass is one of today’s leading manufacturers producing a wide range of designs, sizes and Read more

Collecting Paperweights

Antique glass paperweights are very collectable and some of the best ones, particularly those from the French factories Baccarat, Clichy and St Louis can command very high prices. For example, a Clichy paperweight in the shape of a basket of flowers sold in 1990 at Sothebys for $258,500.
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