How “Stereoscopic” Television is Shown

John L. Baird Produces Moving Images Which Are Given the Appearance of Solidity
Mr. Baird (above) is here shown demonstrating his “stereovision” receiver. The
familiar eyepiece with its twin prisms is at the right of the apparatus; the Baird
receiver’s “frame”, the image at the side of the scanning disc instead of Read more

Transatlantic Television in 1928

(1) [from the New York Times, February 9th 1928]
HARTSDALE, N.Y. Feb.8 – A man and a woman sat before an electric eye in a London laboratory tonight and a group of persons in a darkened cellar in this village outside New York watched them turn their heads and move Read more

Rare Rene Lalique colorful vases for sale

Pictured: Lalique Serpent Vase
Rene Lalique is best known for his colorful vases, and amongst all his glassware, the Lalique vases enjoys a collectible status with the collectors and interior designers alike. And, the auction house Bonhams is offering a chance to the private collectors to own some of the rarest Read more