QuickFacts :: Salvers and trays

The difference between salvers and trays is that trays have handles, while salvers do not. Both were used as presentation pieces and for practical purposes, and good ones are always popular with collectors. But what features should you be looking out for?
Many salvers survive from c.1700 onwards, but trays Read more

QuickFacts :: Mugs and jugs

Tankards, sauceboats, mugs and jugs are highly popular with today’s collectors. Most of them date from the 18th century or later and many factors can affect their value, so make sure you know what you’re looking for in terms of style, decoration and any possible alterations.
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QuickFacts :: Introduction to rock memorabilia

If you’re a dedicated music fan, collecting rock and pop memorabilia could turn out to be a lucrative investment in years to come. But what kind of items are the most sought after?
Rock and pop memorabilia is one of the newest, most exciting and accessibly priced collecting areas – Read more

QuickFacts :: Introduction to Toys

If you’re thinking of beginning a collection of toys, there’s a huge variety to choose from. Many collectors specialise in a particular area – such as clockwork toys, robots or cars – or in a particular maker, but others just collect those toys they really love.
You need to be Read more

QuickFacts :: Sporting Collectables

Not long ago, old sporting equipment was relegated to the junk shop, but now you’re more likely to find it at top auction houses. It’s not just sports enthusiasts who collect – the fashion for traditional interiors have also boosted prices.
What to look out for
The most sought-after items relate Read more

QuickFacts :: Scientific Instruments

Scientific instruments are beautiful objects in their own right as well as offering a fascinating insight into the science of the past. Don’t expect to find anything used by famous scientists in their pioneering discoveries, though. Most early instruments were made either for amateurs to collect, or for professionals Read more

QuickFacts :: Cameras and photographs

Cameras and photographs
Although old cameras seem worlds apart from today’s high-tech models, many still work and are bought to use. A camera’s age is not necessarily reflected in its value – the rarity and quality of a particular model are often far more important than when it was made.
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QuickFacts :: Boxes

You can find boxes in a huge range of shapes, sizes and prices. Price is usually determined by quality and materials used. In general, boxes made from wood or papier mâché are usually widely available and most affordable.
Boxes from the 18th century
Some of the most exquisite boxes you’ll see Read more

QuickFacts :: Paperweights

The most sought-after paperweights were made by famous French factories such as Baccarat, Clichy and St Louis during the mid-19th century. Patterns were built up from tiny slices of differently coloured rods, set in a mould and covered in clear glass.
Millefiori (from the Italian for a thousand flowers) paperweights Read more

QuickFacts :: Introduction to glass

Glass is a fascinating and accessible collecting area. Despite its fragility, glass from the 18th century and later is relatively easy to find, and plain objects can still be inexpensive.
Although the precise origins of glass are unknown, we know it was made in ancient Egypt, Syria and Rome. The Read more