QuickFacts :: Introduction to rock memorabilia

If you’re a dedicated music fan, collecting rock and pop memorabilia could turn out to be a lucrative investment in years to come. But what kind of items are the most sought after?
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Rudolph Valentino screen print

This screen printer poster shows Rudolph Valentino in his 1926 film ‘The Eagle’.
It was won by the owner’s grandmother in a newspaper competition that year. It likely to be the original artwork for the film poster and would therefore be unique. It would appeal to collectors of film memorabilia.
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Top Ten Most Expensive Hollywood Auctions

Hollywood’s history is laden with legendary actresses and movies whose belongings are almost priceless and the envy of all. For charity and other means many classic masterpieces of old and recent Hollywood movies have been held for auction, and sold for millions of millions of dollars! This top ten Read more

Star Wars Market

Packaging makes all the difference in Star Wars market
Tens of thousands of Star Wars figures were sold in the 1970s and ’80s during the height of the film’s popularity. The original wave of Star Wars figures, which didn’t hit the shelves until almost a year after the film opened, Read more