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L. Arnoux and Professor Barff and J. H. Pollen

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QuickFacts :: Introduction to glass

Glass is a fascinating and accessible collecting area. Despite its fragility, glass from the 18th century and later is relatively easy to find, and plain objects can still be inexpensive.
Although the precise origins of glass are unknown, we know it was made in ancient Egypt, Syria and Rome. The Read more

Rare Rene Lalique colorful vases for sale

Pictured: Lalique Serpent Vase
Rene Lalique is best known for his colorful vases, and amongst all his glassware, the Lalique vases enjoys a collectible status with the collectors and interior designers alike. And, the auction house Bonhams is offering a chance to the private collectors to own some of the rarest Read more

Lead Crystal and Glass, a History

No one knows exactly when or where glass was first made. Glass appears to have been produced as far back as the second millennium BC by the Egyptians & perhaps the Phoenicians. Yet evidently it originated in Mesopotamia, where pieces of well made glass have been found, believed to Read more


Zwischengoldglas is a glassware technique in which gold foil is inserted between two glass panels. The pieces are designed to fit perfectly over each other, so that the gold appears to float in the glass. Zwischengoldglas is different from other styles in that the pieces are bonded with cement Read more

Tiffany Studios Lamps and Favrile Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany was born on January 17, 1848, the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, and began his career as a painter in the 1860s and 1870s. He founded his own firm, Tiffany Studios, in 1885 and focused on art glass. Earlier, Louis Comfort Tiffany had already registered for Read more

Thomas Webb & Sons

Probably the most famous Victorian glasshouse was located in Stourbridge, England. Known for innovative design and techniques in glassmaking. Thomas Webb glass, particularly scent/perfume bottles are always collectable.
Predominantly famous in glass circles for rock crystal and English cameo glass.
Rock Crystal Glass
The glass body is thick imitating natural rock crystal. Read more

The Glass of Stevens & Williams

Stevens & Williams was an English glass manufactory in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Its most notable cameo wares date from the 1880’s when the studio was under the direction of John Northwood
Notable engravers at the Stevens & Williams factory include:
Joshua Hodgetts (1858 -1933) – Hodgetts was a amateur botanist who Read more

Greener, Jobling, Corning Glass

Henry Greener – 1st Trademark
The first chronicled production of glass in England was in 674 AD when the Venerable Bede described how glassmakers from Gaul were brought over to make windows for a newly built church and monastery in Sunderland. This church, St Peters in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland still stands Read more