Coins & Banknotes

Collecting Coins

Every coin tells a story and although they are a tangible link to the past, coins are far more than currency. In a recent interview, Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector of the Royal College of Art, described coins as ‘an art gallery in people’s pockets’. Although we use coins Read more

Found an Old Coin, What’s it Worth?

Most Coins Are Not Valuable
Most coins are worth very little! Think about this fact, coins made civilisation possible, they are also the one article mass produced in millions, which nobody ever throws away! For this reason, there are more old coins in existence than there are coin collectors. This Read more

ANA Grading Standards

Proof Coins
The term “proof” refers to a manufacturing process that results in a special surface or finish on coins made for collectors. Most familiar are modern brilliant proofs. These coins are struck at the Mint by a special process. Carefully prepared dies, sharp in all features are made. Then Read more

A Brief History of Banknotes

The first recorded use of paper money was in the 7th century in China. However, the practice did not become widespread in Europe for nearly a thousand years.
In the 16th century the goldsmith-bankers began to accept deposits, make loans and transfer funds. They also gave receipts for cash, that Read more

Roman Coin – Venus, the Goddess of Love

Commemorate Venus, the Goddess of Love

Own an original Roman Coin, almost 2000 years old

Own an original Roman Coin,
almost 2000 years old

Genuine roman coin, almost 2000 years old, featuring Venus, the Goddess of Love!
This ancient silver coin, issued by Gordian III (234-244) celebrates Venus, the goddess of love. According to Read more

Jubilee silver shilling of Queen Victoria

Features one of the most short-lived royal portraits in British history

The only monarch apart from our own Queen to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

This year we celebrated Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, it’s only the second time in history a British monarch has celebrated this milestone, the only other occasion being Read more

Guide to Commemorative Coins

The story of Britain is told through its Commemorative coinage thus preserving it for future generations.
King Alfred the Great was the first King of England to use his coinage to commemorate an event in his reign. In 886AD he occupied the city of London and shortly after he produced Read more