Artisans of Influence

William Spratling 1900-1967

William Spratling was an American-born silver designer and artist, best known for his influence on 20th century Mexican silver design. Spratling was born in 1900 in Sonyea, Livingston County, New York, the son of epileptologist William P. Spratling
Always, our initial reason for looking at hallmarks is so that we Read more

John Thomas (1813-1862)

John Thomas was born in Gloucester and after an apprenticeship as a stone mason came to the attention of the architect Sir Charles Barry. He worked on Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster.He was put in charge of the carvings on the Palace of Westminster and worked prolifically Read more

Qi Baishi (1864-1957)

Qi Baishi (Ch’i Pai Shih) is one of the greatest Chinese painters. Chinese tradition places essences, character, and spirit above the simple faithfulness to appearances. Qi Baishi’s paintings well represent the Chinese tradition, but in an innovative form and style. Though the art of Qi Baishi was originated from Read more

Walton (active 1806-1835)

We postulate that the man behind the Walton mark found on so many early nineteenth-century enamel-painted figures was John Walton and that he was active in Burslem from about 1806 until about 1835. Burslem parish records indicate that a John Walton was baptized on February 20, 1780, and that Read more

The Life of Clarice Cliff

In 1930, when Clarice Cliff became Art Director of Newport Pottery, she achieved the distinction of being the first woman to reach such a high echelon in the Potteries. She was, in effect, what we would nowadays call a career woman but at the time when she was made Read more

The Best of British – Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgwood the genius and innovative potter invented creamware in c1770. Wedgwood was influenced and worked with the other great potters of his time such as Thomas Whieldon and John Greatbach who were all based in the worlds hub of ceramics in Staffordshire.
Josiah Wedgwood was a prolific inventor in Read more

Susie Cooper 1902–1995

A prolific English ceramics desigtner working in the Stoke on Trent pottery industry from the 1920s to the 1980s.
From an early age she developed an interest in drawing and began her art education at night classes. In 1922 she joined A E Gray & co. partially as a means Read more

François Alluaud (1739-c1800)

François ALLUAUD (1739-c1800) was director of the Royal Limoges Porcelain company from 1788 until operations were disrupted by the Revolution. During the revolution, the company was sold to three workers; one of them (Joly) leased his share to Alluaud. This gave Alluaud control of the kaolin deposits. He sold Read more

Eugene Alluaud (1866-1947)

Eugene ALLUAUD (1866-1947) was a landscape painter and porcelain decorator, grandson of Francois Alluaud.
In 1896 he took over a porcelain factory that had been established in 1878 on Rue Charpentier, Limoges.
In 1901 he opened decorating workshop in his home on Rue Grange-Garat, Limoges, then between 1915-1925 returned to landscape Read more

Charles Ahrenfeldt (1807-94)

Charles AHRENFELDT (1807-94) was born in Germany. He began importing porcelain into New York City in the 1830s. During the 1840s he moved to Paris and had a decorating studio. Sometime between 1859 and the late 1860s he established an exporting firm in Limoges and developed a wide export Read more