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Whisky collecting – a golden investment opportunity?

If it’s not the tastes of nutmeg, cinnamon or peat smoke that attract buyers, it’s the age, region or distillery. The market for collecting whiskies is growing fast, says Michael Urquhart (pictured), who runs one of Scotland’s most famous whisky companies. (For the auction-ready, we’ve also included a list Read more

Where, when and why to buy antiques and collectables

There’s only one way to buy your antiques and that’s do not buy unless you know what you are buying.
When buying antiques the buyer has a multitude of ways to buy, including online internet auctions, local auction houses, newspaper and classified ads, antique dealers, and much more.
The UK is Read more

What is an Antique?

Most dealers will agree that historically an antique is any crafted or manufactured item that is at least 100 years old. Collectibles are items less than 100 years old. Antiques generally are rare and worth a higher amount, while collectibles’ values are more speculative and can change at a Read more

Antiques or Junk?

In today’s modern world, you may describe just about anything that’s old as an antique and in generic terms that’s true. In reality, antiques are products that are more than 100 years old or products that are rare enough to have some value. In other words, antiques are old Read more

History of Whaling

by Bob Brooke
“Hard loads of greasy luck,”
or whaleships full of whale oil, helped to build the fortunes of many New Englanders. Once the primary industry along the coast of New England, from Long Island to Connecticut to Massachusetts, whaling, as with many industries fell victim to changing Read more

Antique Kugel Ornaments

The silvery, shining glass of a Victorian kugel ornament is a mirror onto the past. Hold one in your hand and you can imagine it on an old-fashioned Christmas tree, reflecting the flickering flames of candles.
“Kugels have a weight and beautifully aged patina that other decorations can’t rival,” says Read more

Selling Gold

Getting the best deal for scrap gold
How postal gold companies work
Many gold buying websites have sprung up over the last years. Some of the better known players in the field include Cash4Gold, Sell My Gold, How Cash For Gold, Got Gold Get Cash, Post Gold For Cash, Best Price Read more

Selling Collectibles

The collectibles market is booming and if you have some that you’ve been contemplating selling, now might be a good time to do it. The big question, of course, is what method to use to sell your items – there are so many possibilities these days. A lot depends Read more

Reproductions, Fakes and Forgeries

Beware of reproductions and antique fakes & forgeries. They are out there and they will trap the unwary.
Firstly, reproductions have been around for a very long time and do have a legitimate function in the antiques market. Only if they are sold as reproductions and not originals.
Any seller can Read more