Arms, Armour & Militaria

QuickFacts :: Introduction to Arms and Militaria

Arms and militaria cover a surprisingly wide range of objects that include armour, firearms, edged weapons, medals, badges, uniforms, and even prints and cigarette cards. Here we look at what makes them so appealing to collectors
Whether because of their historical interest, high-quality craftsmanship, or because they’re such potent reminders Read more

Napoleonic prisoner of war work

This carving, made from animal bones, is unusual.
It dates from the Napoleonic era and would have been made by a French prisoner of war based at a camp near Peterborough at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815.
The design features Spinning Jennies and the figures move. It is Read more

What is a Sgian Dubh?

The Sgian Dubh is the small ornamental knife traditionally worn in the top of the stocking by the Highlander.
The name is Gaelic. The word sgian means knife or dagger and dubh means black, referring to the colour of the handle, which was made from black hardwood. Various spellings of Read more

The London Gun

The largest gun ever built, by at least a factor of 3, is the V-3 cannon, also known as the London Gun. At least two of these guns were built by Nazi Germany and put in bunkers in chalk cliffs in Mimoyecques, France. It is a common misconception that Read more

Collecting Militaria

The list of militaria is large due to the amount of items it covers. Most aspects of military collectables include, bayonets, medals, badges, uniforms, steel helmets, pistols, revolvers, muskets, rifles, and deactivated guns.
Today, the collecting of militaria is an established hobby among many groups of people. Many European families, Read more

Civil War Belt Buckles

Fascinating Fasteners: Civil War Belt Buckles

By Ben Phelan

A reproduction Union “US” Oval buckle manufactured by S&S Firearms. S&S are not trying to fool anybody, Ridgeway says. “They’re not crooks.”

During ROADSHOW’s July 28, 2007, stopover in Louisville, our cameras took a day trip to Perryville, Kentucky, the site of a Read more

Britain’s Military Awards

What’s that medal for?
In 1588, Queen Elizabeth rewarded her naval officers with the Armada Medal, cast in pure gold or silver, after the Spanish were repelled in the Channel. Since then, the state has rewarded the service of its military with a vast catalogue of crosses, ribbons, medals and Read more